Krka National Park

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It is incredibly difficult to describe the beauty of Krka’s waterfalls and the greenery of the surrounding forest. Nature in its purest form, it is a constantly changing living organism. They say here that waterfalls are like humans: they are born, they grow, they become old and, in times of water shortage,  they die.
This national park is home not only to the rich fauna and flora, but also to the world’s second power station, opened just after the Niagara Falls Power Station.
A visit to the park is a very calming experience. Watching the water mills, listening to the sound of the river, and looking at the colour of Krka’s water is a feast for the soul. To make it even more unforgettable we suggest you take a bath in this paradise.
Afterwards, you will be taken for lunch in a country dwelling close by.

Included in the price:

  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • Entrance fee to the park
  • Lunch
  • VAT

 The price applies to a group size of 20 or more!

Maximum number of people in the group: 45.

For private tours and larger groups, please contact us for pricing.

Thank you very much.