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Dubrovnik. Former city-state, modern day city-museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, and definitely pride of Croatia. Located in the southernmost part of the country between mountains and the blue waters of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik has been viewed since bygone times as desirable territory by both European and Byzantine rulers. Walk with us and discover its treasures.
First on our “must see“ list is the Franciscan monastery. Notable for its old pharmacy (the third oldest in the world), not to mention the library with its collection of 20,000 books, over 1,200 of which are manuscripts of extraordinary value, the monastery has what is probably the most beautiful Romanesque cloister in Dubrovnik, and in all of Croatia. Its ambience is peaceful and harmonious, inviting you to relax and soak up the atmosphere.
From the quiet premisses of the monastery, we enter vibrant Stradun, the promenade of Dubrovnik. On all sides the history of the city and its elegant architecture are evident. We will visit the cathedral dedicated to St. Blaise, visionary protector of the city and patron saint of Dubrovnik. Here you may admire the treasury, full of artefacts from Dubrovnik’s ancient goldsmiths, reliquaries and other sacred objects.
Finally, we reach the harbor, board a small ship and embark on our journey along the city walls. A perfect opportunity to take some incredible snaps of the fortifications!
Come and enjoy your day in this unique city!

Included in the price:

  • Transportation from the hotel in Dubrovnik to the old town and back
  • Guide
  • Entrance fee to visited monuments
  • Boat ride
  • VAT

The price applies to a group size of 20 or more!

Maximum number of people in the group: 45.

For private tours and large group, please contact us for pricing. Thank you very much.